Culture-indotour is a group of professional guides and drivers specialised in every Island, that is why you will travel in Java with Roni, Javanese volcanoes specialist or one of his colleagues, in Lombok with the so funny Jules or in Bali with Made and his friends passionate about Hinduism and the same on Flores, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumba and Sumatra.Each of the guides is welcoming and will share with you his love for his island, its traditions and its culture.Make a trip with us will be an unforgettable moment and a true change of scene. Another place, another culture.

We have acquired since 12 years a good reputation thanks to the seriousness and professionalism of our guides.
We keep up phone assistance, well maintained cars that are insured with the corresponding tourism licence.

On every island, we are helping people in need; we pay for the scholarship of poor children who are willing to learn, for the renovation of houses, for the needs of the operations a little girl who has been burnt when her parents’ house was on fire, for the water supply to far away villages, etc.To travel with us will be an efficient way to help Indonesians in need.
2014 as Putu almost recovered, we decide to hepl a foundraiser who operates the cranofacial desabilities, yayasan senium,if you want to help us, travel with us, don t hesitate to ask us any question, when travelling if you want to see and visit the children , it will be a pleasure. together let them recover the smile
2015 - as promised, on the 7h of january, in a rotary club Bali Seminyak s meeting, Made offered 2 000 000rp collected from the tips he recieved from his generous guests to the YAYASAN SENIUM.
2016 - 2017  - Made gave pencils and notebooks in a primary school in the south of Ubud, from his tips, thank you to the generous donors who participate to help the less fortunate children in bali