15 years ago, Marie and her husband settled in Bali. They met Maderibek. guide driver who had difficulties to survive with his family. So they decided to help them. Time passing, Maderibek became a real professional and works only with serious and honest guides who want their guests may live an unforgettable moment as well as a warm human and cultural exchange.
Today, 2 entities of guide drivers have been created:

on Bali, culture-indotour-bali

We have acquired since 12 years a good reputation thanks to the seriousness and professionalism of our Balinese guides to whom we are giving means for living.

Our cars are well maintained and have full insurance to carry tourist.

We keep up 24H phone assistance in case of emergency.

Thanks to the profit from the tours, we are helping a young Balinese girl, Putu, to be operated after she was burnt at 2 year old when her parents’ house was on fire. Now she can write and begins to walk almost normally after 6 plastic operations.
We also help people in need. You can help us also as a French guest bought powder milk for one good and well year to give to a little orphan. The boy has grown up since and we regularly send news of him to his generous donor.

Doing so, travelling with us, you can participate you as well to the every day life of our so engaging Balinese friends.

2014 because Putu has almost recover, we decide to help too yayasan senyum, charity organisation who operates children with craniofacial disabilities, if you travel with us you ll help then to discover the smile, you can let us know if you want to visit them or any thing you want to know about them.
Smile2015 - as promised, on the 7th of january Made offered 2 000 000rp from the tip his generous guest gave to him, for the YAYASAN SENIUM during a meeting of the rotary club bali Seminyak
2016 - 2017  - Made gave notebooks , pencils in a small primary school in the south of Ubud from his tips, thank you again to the generous guests, they participate to help the less fortunate children in bali